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from menu-item-container<%>


popup-menu% : class?

  superclass: object%

  extends: menu-item-container<%>
A popup-menu% object is created without a parent. Dynamically display a popup-menu% with popup-menu in window<%> or popup-menu in editor-admin%.

A popup menu is not a control. A choice% control, however, displays a single value that the user selects from a popup menu. A choice% control’s popup menu is built into the control, and it is not accessible to the programmer.


(new popup-menu% 
    [[title title] 
    [popdown-callback popdown-callback] 
    [demand-callback demand-callback] 
    [font font]]) 
  (is-a?/c popup-menu%)
  title : (or/c label-string? #f) = #f
  popdown-callback : 
((is-a?/c popup-menu%) (is-a?/c control-event%)
 . -> . any)
   = (lambda (p e) (void))
  demand-callback : ((is-a?/c popup-menu%) . -> . any)
   = (lambda (p) (void))
  font : (is-a?/c font%) = normal-control-font
If title is not #f, it is used as a displayed title at the top of the popup menu.

If title contains &, it is handled specially, the same as for menu% titles. A popup menu mnemonic is not useful, but it is supported for consistency with other menu labels.

The popdown-callback procedure is invoked when a popup menu is dismissed. If the popup menu is dismissed without an item being selected, popdown-callback is given a control-event% object with the event type 'menu-popdown-none. If the popup menu is dismissed via an item selection, the item’s callback is invoked first, and then popdown-callback is given a control-event% object with the event type 'menu-popdown.

The demand-callback procedure is called by the default on-demand method with the object itself.

The font argument determines the font for the popup menu’s items.


(send a-popup-menu get-font)  (is-a?/c font%)

Returns the font used for the popup menu’s items, which is optionally supplied when a popup menu is created.


(send a-popup-menu get-popup-target)

  (or/c (is-a?/c window<%>) (is-a?/c editor<%>) #f)
Returns the context in which the popup menu is currently displayed, or #f if it is not popped up in any window.

The context is set before the on-demand method is called, and it is not removed until after the popup-menu’s callback is invoked. (Consequently, it is also set while an item callback is invoked, if the user selected an item.)


(send a-popup-menu set-min-width width)  void?

  width : dimension-integer?
Sets the popup menu’s minimum width in pixels.