13 Init Libraries🔗

The racket/gui/init library is the default start-up library for GRacket. It re-exports the racket/init and racket/gui/base libraries, and it sets current-load to use text-editor-load-handler.

Similar to racket/interactive, but for GRacket. This library can be changed by modifying 'gui-interactive-file in the "config.rktd" file in (find-config-dir). Additionally, if the file "gui-interactive.rkt" exists in (find-system-path 'addon-dir), it is run rather than the installation wide graphical interactive module.
This library runs the (find-graphical-system-path 'init-file) file in the users home directory if it exists, rather than their (find-system-path 'init-file). Unlike racket/interactive, this library does not start xrepl.

Added in version 1.27 of package gui-lib.