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2.8 Slides to Picts🔗

 (require slideshow/slides-to-picts) package: slideshow-lib


(get-slides-as-picts path    
  #:aspect aspect])  (listof pict?)
  path : path-string?
  width : real?
  height : real?
  condense? : any/c
  stop-after : (or/c #f exact-nonnegative-integer?) = #f
  aspect : (or/c 'fullscreen 'widescreen) = inferred-aspect
Executes the Slideshow program indicated by path in a fresh namespace, and returns a list of picts for the slides. Each pict has the given width and height, and condense? determines whether the Slideshow program is executed in condense mode.

The aspect argument indicates which kinds of slides should full the width be height area, and slides in the other aspect are scaled to fit; the default for aspect is inferred from width and height. The aspect argument also sets the default aspect while loading path.

If stop-after is not #f, then the list is truncated after stop-after slides are converted to picts.

Changed in version 1.8 of package slideshow-lib: Added #:aspect.