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Rack  Unit:   Unit Testing

RackUnit: Unit Testing🔗

Noel Welsh <noelwelsh@gmail.com>
and Ryan Culpepper <ryanc@racket-lang.org>

RackUnit is a unit-testing framework for Racket. It is designed to handle the needs of all Racket programmers, from novices to experts.

    1 Quick Start Guide for RackUnit

    2 The Philosophy of RackUnit

      2.1 Historical Context

    3 RackUnit API

      3.1 Overview of RackUnit

      3.2 Checks

        3.2.1 Basic Checks

        3.2.2 Augmenting Information on Check Failure

        3.2.3 Custom Checks

      3.3 Compound Testing Forms

        3.3.1 Test Cases

 Shortcuts for Defining Test Cases

        3.3.2 Test Suites

 Utilities for Defining Test Suites

      3.4 Test Control Flow

      3.5 Miscellaneous Utilities

      3.6 User Interfaces

        3.6.1 Textual User Interface

        3.6.2 Graphical User Interface

    4 Testing Utilities

      4.1 Checking documentation completeness

      4.2 Logging Test Results

    5 RackUnit Internals and Extension API

      5.1 Customizing Check Evaluation

      5.2 Customizing Test Evaluation

      5.3 Programmatically Running Tests and Inspecting Results

        5.3.1 Result Types

        5.3.2 Functions to Run Tests

    6 Release Notes

      6.1 Version 3.4

      6.2 Version 3

    7 Acknowlegements