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mzpp and mztext:   Preprocessors

mzpp and mztext: Preprocessors🔗

Eli Barzilay

The "preprocessor" collection defines two Racket-based preprocessors for texts that can have embedded Racket code. The two processors share a few features, like several command-line flags and the fact that embedded Racket code is case-sensitive by default.

Note that these processors are not intended as preprocessors for Racket code, since you have macros to do that.

    1 Overview

    2 mzpp

      2.1 Invoking mzpp

      2.2 mzpp files

      2.3 Raw preprocessing directives

      2.4 The mzpp read-eval-print loop

      2.5 Provided bindings

    3 mztext

      3.1 Invoking mztext

      3.2 mztext processing: the standard command dispatcher

      3.3 Provided bindings