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8.1 Remote and Directory Catalogs
8.2 SQLite Catalogs

8 Package Catalog Protocol🔗

A package catalog is specified by a URL in one of three forms:

8.1 Remote and Directory Catalogs🔗

In the case of a remote URL or a local directory naming a package catalog, the URL/path is extended as follows to obtain information about packages:

Note that a local directory served as files through an HTTP server works as a remote URL, as long as the "pkgs" and "pkgs-all" files are present (since those are optional for local but required for HTTP).

The source for the PLT-hosted package catalog is in the pkg-index package.

8.2 SQLite Catalogs🔗

A SQLite database package catalog is meant to be constructed and queries using the pkg/db library, but the database can be constructed in any way as long as it contains the following tables: