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MzScheme: Legacy Language🔗

The mzscheme language provides nearly the same bindings as the mzscheme module of PLT Scheme version 372 and earlier.

Unlike version 372, the mzscheme language does not include set-car! or set-cdr!, and cons makes immutable pairs, as in scheme/base; those changes make modules built on mzscheme reasonably compatible with modules built on scheme/base.

Otherwise, the mzscheme language shares many bindings with scheme/base. It renames a few bindings, such as syntax-object->datum instead of syntax->datum, and it provides old versions of some syntactic forms, such as lambda without support for keyword and optional arguments. In addition, mzscheme includes all of the exports of racket/tcp and racket/udp.

    1 Old Syntactic Forms

    2 Old Functions

    3 Extra Libraries

    4 Omitted Forms and Functions